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Megan Levings, Canada

Professor, Department of Surgery
Faculty of Medicine
University of British Columbia

Research in my laboratory is focused on a novel subset of CD4+ T cells, termed T regulatory (Treg) cells, which control immune homeostasis. Although we know that Treg cells have a fundamental role in regulating immunity to both self and foreign proteins, little is known about how they function. Current work is focused on determining how Treg cells differ from normal CD4+ T cells at both the biochemical and molecular levels, and elucidating their role in transplantation tolerance, cancer and inflammatory bowel disease. A long-term goal is to develop methods to generate Treg cells in vitro for use as a cellular therapy to replace standard immunosuppression in the context of organ transplantation or to restore tolerance in the context of autoimmunity.

Presentations by Megan Levings

Sessions chaired by Megan Levings

When Session Room
08:00 - 09:20
Session — B cells and antibodies as immune regulators: from bench to bedside Grand Georgian
14:25 - 15:30
Session — Bioengineering for transplantation Grand Georgian

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