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Grand Georgian
Pre-Congress: Emerging 'Omics' and machine learning techniques: the next frontier in transplant research

Juliet Emamaullee, United States
Translational Immunology

Sören Lukassen, Germany
Cite sequencing

Parker C. Wilson, United States
Single cell sequencing and spatial transcriptomics in kidney disease

Roman Fischer, United Kingdom
Spatial proteomics

Ana Konvalinka, Canada
Single-cell profiling of healthy human kidney reveals features of sex-based transcriptional programs and tissue-specific immunity

Refreshment Break
Grand Georgian
Session: Welcome Address and Keynote

Fadi Issa, United Kingdom
Welcome Address

Tak W Mak, Canada
Revolutioning Immunolgy

Grand Georgian
Abstracts Session 1

Peter Wang, United States
Interclonal help promotes allospecific CD8+ T cell avidity maturation during graft rejection

Kyle T Reid, Canada
Cell therapy with ex vivo expanded human group 2 innate lymphoid cells suppresses allogenic T cell responses in graft-versus host disease

Anne M Halpin, Canada
ABO and COVID-19 susceptibility: A role for ABH glycans and ABO antibodies?

Kassandra J Baron, United States
ST2+ reparative regulatory T cell therapy for inflammation reduction and tissue repair

Michael Nicosia, United States
Water channel Aquaporin 4 is required for T cell activation

Khodor I Abou-Daya, United States
The epigenetic and transcriptional landscape of monocyte memory formation in response to allogeneic non-self

Handan Ozdemir, Turkey
The use of histopathological features as endpoints in acute T cell-mediated rejection (TCMR) response in renal allografts

Lisa-Marie Burkhardt, Germany
Tackling post-transplant lymphoproliferative disease - a new model of patient derived lung organoids with Epstein-Barr-virus transformed B cells as test platform for Epstein-Barr-virus specific T cell fighters

Macyn L Leung, Canada
Development of a potency assay for regulatory T cell therapy applications

Yonggyu Lee, United States
Determining the cytoplasmic and membranous localization of CD38 using ImageStream

David A Hildeman, United States
Tracking gene expression and clonal expansion of CD8+ T cells in the biopsies and urine of patients undergoing kidney transplant rejection

Networking: Welcome Reception

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