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Abstracts Session
Abstracts Session 1

Sunday April 30, 2023 | 16:40 to 18:00
Room: Grand Georgian
Track: N/A


Mr. Peter Wang, United States
Interclonal help promotes allospecific CD8+ T cell avidity maturation during graft rejection

Mr. Kyle T Reid, Canada
Cell therapy with ex vivo expanded human group 2 innate lymphoid cells suppresses allogenic T cell responses in graft-versus host disease

Dr. Anne M Halpin, Canada
ABO and COVID-19 susceptibility: A role for ABH glycans and ABO antibodies?

Miss Kassandra J Baron, United States
ST2+ reparative regulatory T cell therapy for inflammation reduction and tissue repair

Dr. Michael Nicosia, United States
Water channel Aquaporin 4 is required for T cell activation

Dr. Khodor I Abou-Daya, United States
The epigenetic and transcriptional landscape of monocyte memory formation in response to allogeneic non-self

Prof. Handan Ozdemir, Turkey
The use of histopathological features as endpoints in acute T cell-mediated rejection (TCMR) response in renal allografts

Miss Lisa-Marie Burkhardt, Germany
Tackling post-transplant lymphoproliferative disease - a new model of patient derived lung organoids with Epstein-Barr-virus transformed B cells as test platform for Epstein-Barr-virus specific T cell fighters

Ms. Macyn L Leung, Canada
Development of a potency assay for regulatory T cell therapy applications

Dr. Yonggyu Lee, United States
Determining the cytoplasmic and membranous localization of CD38 using ImageStream

Dr. David A Hildeman, United States
Tracking gene expression and clonal expansion of CD8+ T cells in the biopsies and urine of patients undergoing kidney transplant rejection

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