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Abstracts Session
Abstracts Session 2

Monday May 01, 2023 | 09:20 to 10:20
Room: Grand Georgian
Track: N/A


Ms. Sonya Mangat, Canada
CRISPR-mediated deletion of PD1 enhances the function of human CAR Tregs

Julia M Murphy, Canada
Mapping natural killer cell contributions to antibody-mediated rejection of kidney allografts and responsiveness to immunosuppression

Dr. Aravind Cherukuri, United States
Genomic mismatch at the SIRPA locus and long-term kidney allograft outcomes

Dr. Martin Hoogduijn, Netherlands
Generation of EPO-overexpressing kidney organoids by DNA vectors

Dr. Hayden Huy Gia Ly, Australia
Does pump design effect haemolysis during ex-vivo normothermic machine perfusion? A study comparing peristaltic and diaphragmatic pumps

Miss Morgan F Shaw, United Kingdom
Validation of a novel suspension microcavity system for generation and maintenance of optimally-sized primary human pancreatic pseudo-islets

Dr. Anne M Halpin, Canada
IgG and IgM ABO antibodies detected by a novel bead-based assay fail to be discriminated by hemagglutination methods

Dr. Amy R Cross, United Kingdom
Iron availability alters immune responses after allogenic skin transplantation

Dr. Nirupama D Verma, Australia
Activation of Human CD4+CD25+CD127lo Treg with alloantigen and rIL-2

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