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Abstracts Session
Abstracts Session 3

Tuesday May 02, 2023 | 09:20 to 10:30
Room: Grand Georgian
Track: N/A


Miriam Dilts, United States
Depletion of Donor Macrophages Permits Post-Transplant Tolerance Induction

Dr. Roslyn B Mannon, United States
The Paradoxical Inflammatory Impact of Calcineurin Inhibitor Therapy

Dr. Yao Xiao, United States
A Single Cell Analysis Delineating the Effects of Biological Sex on Alloimmity in Organ Transplantation

Dr. Hao Zhou, United States
Senolytic Treatment Prevents Chronic Rejection of Mouse Cardiac Allografts

Dr. Sarah M Short, United Kingdom
A spatially resolved analysis of immune responses within rejecting skin grafts from humanised mice, with and without low dose Treg treatment

Dr. Carole Guillonneau, France
Single-cell transcriptomic analysis further delineates human CD8+ T regulatory cell subsets

Mrs. Romy Steiner, Austria
The impact of different CD8+ immune cell subsets on allograft rejection

Mrs. Séverine Bézie, France
Combining human CD4+ and CD8+ Treg to inhibit experimental acute GVHD

Mrs. Victoria Gorbacheva, United States
Prolonged warm ischemia injury enhances cellular immune responses to mouse renal allografts

Miss Samantha L Collings, Canada
The role of DLC1 beta in attenuating cardiac ischemia-reperfusion injury during heterotopic heart transplantation

Dr. Michelle Mendiola Pla, United States
Cardiac allograft monitoring using cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (cMRI) in a porcine heterotopic heart transplant model of acute rejection

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