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Abstracts Session
Abstracts Session 4

Tuesday May 02, 2023 | 14:00 to 14:25
Room: Grand Georgian
Track: N/A


Prof. Jan Kriz, Czech Republic
The temporary inhibition of tissue factor in pancreatic islets using a synthetic siRNA can reduce the post transplant liver ischemia

Dr. Orkideh Olang, Canada
Artificial Intelligence Algorithm Predicts Kidney Transplant Outcome by Using Donor-Recipients Factors: Study of 142,971 Transplant Pairs

Dr. Orkideh Olang, Canada
Deep neural network model can effectively determine and rank the predictors of failure after kidney transplantation in patients younger than 18

Dr. Koji Tokusihge, Japan
Investigation of new biopsy based monitoring system to predict rejection or diagnosis of liver transplant tolerance

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