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Tiara Restaurant
Grand Georgian
Session: Influence of Sex and Gender in Transplantation

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Gabrielle Rizzuto, United States
Fetomaternal tolerance through glycan-mediated B cell suppression

Jayne Danska, Canada
Interactions between sex and microbiome responses

Lori J West, Canada
B cell tolerance for ABO incompatible transplants

Grand Georgian
Abstracts Session 6

Torin JX Halvorson, Canada
Optimization of an activation-induced marker assay to measure vaccine-induced immunity to SARS-CoV-2 in transplant recipients

Marcella Franquesa, Spain
Regulatory B cells biomarker discovery and their prognostic value of improved graft outcome and rejection risk in kidney transplant patients

Séverine Bézie, France
Transfer of CD8+T regulatory cells GMP manufacturing for clinical trial in kidney transplanted patients

Lori J West, Canada
Enzymatic conversion of blood group A- to H-antigen in a mouse model to facilitate ABO-incompatible transplantation (ABOi Tx)

Adriana Montalvan, United States
Outcomes of solid organ transplantation recipients after Tixagevimab/Cilgavimab treatment

Pedro Ventura-Aguiar, Spain
Donor-derived cell-free DNA and gene expression profile in simultaneous pancreas-kidney transplantation

Dennis G Hooper, United States
A case study supporting the use of AUC0-12 for therapeutic drug monitoring of mycophenolic acid following liver transplantation


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Grand Georgian
Abstracts Session 7

Prateek Rakesh, Australia
Subpopulations of blood lymphocytes in long-surviving renal transplant patients, comparison with healthy volunteers

Peter J FIoramonti, United States
Conversion to Belatacept in Kidney Transplant Recipients

Kazunobu Shinoda, Japan
Which pathological factors affect kidney allograft outcome in chronic active antibody-mediated rejection?

Ranje Al-Atiyah, Australia
Frequency and stability of subpopulations of CD4+CD25+Foxp3+CD127lo T regulatory cells in healthy adult volunteers

Claudia C Beck, United States
New approach to therapeutic drug monitoring of mycophenolic acid (MPA) and mycophenolic acid glucuronide (MPAG) based on pharmacokinetics for solid organ transplant patients using LC-MS/MS

Grand Georgian
Session: New perspectives in innate/ILC immunity and tissue-resident leukocytes

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Ben Kopecky, United States
Macrophages in transplantation

Khodor I Abou-Daya, United States
Innate allorecognition and memory

Stephen Juvet, Canada
Alveolar macrophages in lung transplantation

Hidetoshi Tsuda, United States
Recipient derived monocytes induced proliferation of endogenous donor-reactive memory CD8 T Cells within highly ischemic allografts

Martin L Mak, Canada
Defining Protective and Pathogenic Resident Immune Cells in Kidney Transplantation

Arianna Barbetta, United States
Interplay between intrahepatic macrophages and alloreactive and regulatory T-cells mediates the complex alloimmune microenvironment during acute rejection in clinical liver transplantation

Sarah J Colpitts, Canada
Cell therapy with group 2 and group 3 innate lymphoid cells prevents rejection in humanized models of islet transplant

Handan Ozdemir, Turkey
Microvascular injury with macrophage, neutrophil, and HLA-DR positive inflammatory infiltrate, either in DSA positive or negative ABMR, determines the prognosis in renal allografts

Grand Georgian
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