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Tiara Restaurant
Grand Georgian
Session: B cells and antibodies as immune regulators: from bench to bedside

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Anita S Chong, United States
Pregnancy induced humoral sensitization and T cell tolerance

Tal I. Arnon, United Kingdom
Tissue-resident B cell migration and antibody responses after infection

Jennifer Gommerman, Canada
Plasma Cells in regulation of autoimmunity

Nicole Valenzuela, United States
Functional effects of antibodies on inflammation and immunity

Grand Georgian
Abstracts Session 3

Miriam Dilts, United States
Depletion of Donor Macrophages Permits Post-Transplant Tolerance Induction

Roslyn B Mannon, United States
The Paradoxical Inflammatory Impact of Calcineurin Inhibitor Therapy

Yao Xiao, United States
A Single Cell Analysis Delineating the Effects of Biological Sex on Alloimmity in Organ Transplantation

Hao Zhou, United States
Senolytic Treatment Prevents Chronic Rejection of Mouse Cardiac Allografts

Sarah M Short, United Kingdom
A spatially resolved analysis of immune responses within rejecting skin grafts from humanised mice, with and without low dose Treg treatment

Carole Guillonneau, France
Single-cell transcriptomic analysis further delineates human CD8+ T regulatory cell subsets

Romy Steiner, Austria
The impact of different CD8+ immune cell subsets on allograft rejection

Séverine Bézie, France
Combining human CD4+ and CD8+ Treg to inhibit experimental acute GVHD

Victoria Gorbacheva, United States
Prolonged warm ischemia injury enhances cellular immune responses to mouse renal allografts

Samantha L Collings, Canada
The role of DLC1 beta in attenuating cardiac ischemia-reperfusion injury during heterotopic heart transplantation

Michelle Mendiola Pla, United States
Cardiac allograft monitoring using cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (cMRI) in a porcine heterotopic heart transplant model of acute rejection

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Grand Georgian
Session: Patient Perspectives

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Manuel Escoto, Canada
Back to Basics: Integrating Patient, Family, and Donor Partners in Basic Science Research

Bethany J Foster, Canada
Patients Perspectives

Mary Beaucage, Canada
Patients Perspectives

Shilpa Raju, Canada
Patients Perspectives

Peter J FIoramonti, United States
Immunosuppression minimization during COVID infection: is it safe?

Amanda Klein, United States
External validation of the abbreviated iBOX at 6-, 12-, and 24-months post-kidney transplant as a secondary endpoint prognostic for death-censored graft survival

Mélanie Dieudé, Canada
Research and innovation in organ donation and transplant - Recommendations from an international consensus forum

Manuel Escoto, Canada

Samantha J. Anthony, Canada
“You know you’re not the only one”: The experiences and perspectives of adolescent thoracic transplant recipients participating in the iPeer2Peer support mentorship program

Samantha J. Anthony, Canada
“Weighing the pros and cons of everything”: Perspectives about living donor kidney transplantation from caregivers of Chinese Canadian pediatric patients with chronic kidney disease

Grand Georgian
Keynote Session: Engineered T cells in transplantation

Megan Levings, Canada
Engineered T cells in transplantation

Grand Georgian
Abstracts Session 4

Jan Kriz, Czech Republic
The temporary inhibition of tissue factor in pancreatic islets using a synthetic siRNA can reduce the post transplant liver ischemia

Orkideh Olang, Canada
Artificial Intelligence Algorithm Predicts Kidney Transplant Outcome by Using Donor-Recipients Factors: Study of 142,971 Transplant Pairs

Orkideh Olang, Canada
Deep neural network model can effectively determine and rank the predictors of failure after kidney transplantation in patients younger than 18

Koji Tokusihge, Japan
Investigation of new biopsy based monitoring system to predict rejection or diagnosis of liver transplant tolerance

Grand Georgian
Session: Bioengineering for transplantation

Reza Abdi, United States
MAb-decorated NPs to target cells with specific surface expression of markers

Xunrong Luo, United States
Nanoparticle-based targeting of alloantigen presentation for transplantation tolerance

Isaac Rosado Sanchez, Canada
Regulatory T cells integrate native and CAR-mediated co-stimulatory signals for control of allograft rejection

Manjurul Haque, Canada
Modelling HLA-A2 CAR-Treg therapy with a novel transgenic mouse

Grand Georgian
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Abstracts Session 5

Sarah Crome, Canada
IL-2 and TGF-b synergize to induce regulatory CD56bright NK cells observed following hematopoietic stem cell transplant

Daniel M Mendes, United States
Tributyrin Treatment Promotes Treg Differentiation and Increases Skin Graft Survival

Yaxun Huang, United States
Donor hematopoietic cell expression of PD-L1 is required for prevention of split tolerance in MHC-mismatched mixed chimeras

Alex Boshart, Canada
Anti-HLA-I antibody stimulates glomerular endothelial cells to increase galectin-1 protein secretion via ERK

Michael Nicosia, United States
The role of LAG3 in antibody responses to kidney transplantation

Hirotsugu Noguchi, United States
Beneficial Effects of C1q in Resolving Ischemia Reperfusion in Kidney Transplants

Kieran Manion, Canada
Protein and miRNA expression distinguish DSA+ kidney transplant recipients with and without antibody-mediated rejection

Jung Lye Kim, United States
CD38 activation with methionine choline deficient (MCD) diet-induced liver injury in rats

Christene A Huang, United States
Anti-apoptosis and necrosis effect of Necrostatin-1 in skin and muscle cell lines subjected to prolonged cold storage and rewarming: Implications for vascularized composite allograft preservation

Andrew W. Brown, Canada
Development of an MHC Class II-specific CAR for the modulation of alloreactivity in mice

Grand Georgian
Networking: Women in Transplantation Networking Session

Organized by:

Jayne Danska, Canada
Overcoming barriers to career advancement as a woman in the field of transplantation

Lorna Marson, United Kingdom

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