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Tiara Restaurant
Grand Georgian
Session: Cellular engineering for transplantation

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Anne Sperling, United States
Species-specific regulation of IL-33 expression

Julien Zuber, France
Rescuing CAR Tregs from dysfunction

Koichiro Uchida, Japan
Induction of Immune Tolerance by Cell-Therapy Using Inducible Suppressive T Cells

Qizhi Tang, United States
DarTregs in liver transplantation

Grand Georgian
Abstracts Session 2

Sonya Mangat, Canada
CRISPR-mediated deletion of PD1 enhances the function of human CAR Tregs

Julia M Murphy, Canada
Mapping natural killer cell contributions to antibody-mediated rejection of kidney allografts and responsiveness to immunosuppression

Aravind Cherukuri, United States
Genomic mismatch at the SIRPA locus and long-term kidney allograft outcomes

Martin Hoogduijn, Netherlands
Generation of EPO-overexpressing kidney organoids by DNA vectors

Hayden Huy Gia Ly, Australia
Does pump design effect haemolysis during ex-vivo normothermic machine perfusion? A study comparing peristaltic and diaphragmatic pumps

Morgan F Shaw, United Kingdom
Validation of a novel suspension microcavity system for generation and maintenance of optimally-sized primary human pancreatic pseudo-islets

Anne M Halpin, Canada
IgG and IgM ABO antibodies detected by a novel bead-based assay fail to be discriminated by hemagglutination methods

Amy R Cross, United Kingdom
Iron availability alters immune responses after allogenic skin transplantation

Nirupama D Verma, Australia
Activation of Human CD4+CD25+CD127lo Treg with alloantigen and rIL-2


Coffee Break

Grand Georgian
Session: Environmental modifiers of alloimmune response

Dominik Mueller, Germany
Metabolite imbalance and inflammation

Maria-Luisa Alegre, United States
Commensal immune responses and transplantation

Leonardo Riella, United States
Impact of diet and short-chain fatty acids on transplant outcomes

Jordi Ochando, United States
Trained immunity in organ transplantation

Séverine Bézie, France
Reprogramming CD8+FOXP3+Treg to deal with an inflamed environment.

Dejan Bojic, Canada
Human pulmonary endothelial function is improved by nutrient supplementation in ex vivo lung perfusion perfusates

Grand Georgian
Keynote Session: Mentoring Presentation

Lorna Marson, United Kingdom
From survive to thrive: the power of mentorship

Grand Georgian
Session: Regenerative medicine: improve whats not good enough or build from scratch?

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Matthieu Giraud, France
Generating thymus organoids to regenerate T cell differentiation

Martin Hoogduijn, Netherlands
Latest insights of organoids

Richard N. Pierson III, United States
Designing the best pig to move to the clinic

Lorenzo Piemonti, Italy
From an in vivo to an ex vivo engraftment strategy in islet transplantation

Thiago J Borges, United States
Immune response of human kidney organoid-based tissues in a humanized mouse model

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